10 Thousand Heartbeats 一 異國 · 龍鄉: A Local’s Guide to Liverpool Chinatown

ENDS & TALES presents

A Coney & Tamasha joint project in partnership with Everyman & Playhouse in association with Unity 

Settle down inside yourself 

Connect with the beat of your own heart 

I’ll show you how to travel anywhere in the universe without leaving this spot 

I think we can all appreciate the value of that… 

Where there was once a bustling street in the heart of the city, there’s now an eerie silence as you walk through Liverpool Chinatown. Who built this neighbourhood? How did it become what it is today?  

Anjia, played by Liverpool artist Fenfen Huang (CBBCs THE WONTON WARRIOR 2021), invites you on a time-travelling adventure around the place she calls home. Step through the Chinatown Arch and uncover the stories behind The Nook, Chung Wah Supermarket and The Bagelry and the new St George’s Square mural, as you walk in the footsteps of Chinatown residents past and present. 

From the creators of WE ARE SHADOWS: A LOCAL’S GUIDE TO BRICK LANE comes 10 Thousand Heartbeats: A Local’s Guide to Liverpool Chinatown 異國 · 龍鄉一部利物浦中國城的指引, an immersive smart phone adventure on foot by Coney & Tamasha. Produced by Tamasha’s Digital Lead, Tuyet Huynh (BARBERSHOP CHRONICLES 360° NATIONAL THEATRE 2017) with support from Coney’s Ellie Browning and Eliza Cass. The experience is written by playwrights Jude Christian (NANJING, THE ROYAL COURT 2019) and Naomi Sumner Chan (UNITED KINGDOMS, BBC RADIO 4 2022), with interactive dramaturgy and game design by Coney, and Sound Design by Nicola T. Chang (ALL MIRTH AND NO MATTER, RSC, 2021) 

The ENDS & TALES adventure begins at Unity Theatre on Hope Place, Liverpool. Participants will be navigated through and around Liverpool Chinatown, on a journey that lasts 50-90 minutes (depending how much you want to explore!).  

To experience the adventure, you will need a fully charged phone, at least 1GB of data and a pair of headphones before you set off. Please remember that this experience takes place outdoors – so be sure to check the weather before you start, as we all know what British weather is like. Have a read of the full adventurer instructions here.

To book a slot please follow this EVENTBRITE link.

This ENDS & TALES adventure is open and available to everyone. For any questions on access please consult our access rider, found here – this information primarily covers mobility access requirements. If you have further questions or concerns regarding access, please contact tickets@unitytheatre.co.uk. For any questions or issues regarding tech, please contact admin@coneyhq.org.

Age limit: 13+ 

[TW: racism, violence] 


Bubbling with magical realism, ENDS & TALES is a series of immersive smart phone adventures on foot, inspired by the untold stories and histories around us. By Coney and Tamasha. 

Past adventures: We Are Shadows: A Local’s Guide to Brick Lane

In conversation with producers, Tuyet Huynh and Debo Adebayo


Unity Theatre

1 Hope Place Liverpool L1 9BG

05 May — 30 Jul

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Creative Team

Writer & Director Jude Christian

Writer Naomi Sumner Chan

Community Ambassador Fenfen Huang

Sound Designer Nicola T. Chang

Graphics Donald Shek

Twine Programmer Sam Wong


Anjia (Dragon) Fenfen Huang

HaiYang (Female Lion), Vivian Nadia Anim

Po Po, Nai Nai, Older Ka Ying, Shopkeeper’s Wife, Lian’s Mum Michelle Wen Lee

Kate O’Malley Aoife Hinds

Bella (Liver Bird), Susie, Ka Ying Menyee Lai

Chang Sheung (Male Lion), OX, Sammy Josh Hart

Siu Leung, Nephew, Daniel, Sailor 1 Paul Chan

Sailor 2, Male Shopkeeper, Bus Driver, Policeman 1 Ozzie Yue

Elijah Reuben Johnson

Child Ka Ying Marie Xinxiao Minzlaff

Child Ka Kei, Baby Dragon, Baby Lion Maya Xinwei Minzlaff

Mother of Ka Kei and Ka Ying Amy Ng

Landlady Nicola Chang

A Special Thank You

North Garden Restaurant Ongoing support of the experience

Ozzie Yue Community interviewee and Actor

Brian Wong Community interviewee (Freemason)

Simon Wong Community interviewee

Stephen Yip Community interviewee

Henry Chiu Community interviewee

Perry Lee Community interviewee

Phillip Yiu Community interviewee – passed away

Josh Hart Community interviewee and Actor

Yumi Li-Vi Community interviewee (International student)

Yuri Zhang Community interviewee (International student)

Semay Wu Community interviewee

Cathy Ho Community interviewee

Mrs Mei Xia Li Community interviewee

Zi Lan Li Community interviewee Pagoda Arts

Ming Wang Translater

Huicong Liu Tai Chi Expert

Pak Hung Chan Photographer