Causing a Commotion since 1989


Our Mission

To create a home for a new generation of artists from the Global Majority, enabling them to shape the most powerful stories to move, provoke and inspire people across the UK.

We throw a spotlight on personal stories that are otherwise kept in the shadows.

We nurture talent and provide a creative home for emerging and established artists from the Global Majority.

We create empathy. We challenge perceptions and spark conversations.

Three decades of experience give us the depth, strength and confidence to pursue ambitious dreams. 


Our Team

The people at Tamasha share the vision and values of our community. A team who are passionate about championing a new generation of artists from the Global Majority and bringing powerful stories to people across the UK.


Meet our team

Anti Racism Touring Rider

We have adopted the Anti Racism Rider as an important statement of intent and will work with colleagues from across the industry to implement this. As a working company, we have made a commitment over the next two years to meet the baseline actions of the rider.

Anti Racism Touring Rider

Anti Racism Touring Rider Large Print

Anti-Racism Touring Rider Checklist