About Us



To redefine UK theatre with stories that celebrate the world in which we live.


Tamasha is a dedicated home for both emerging and established Global Majority artists. A powerhouse of new writing, talent development and digital innovation, we platform and invest in stories that celebrate our rich shared histories and cultures. Proudly both artist and audience driven, we’re disrupting, dismantling, and inspiring through bold and imaginative storytelling, providing a place to explore our lived experiences and unique perspectives.

Our Values


We believe that collaboration catalyses innovation, creativity and hope. Through collaboration and allyship we equalise power and provide space for voices to be heard, opinions to be shared, and solutions to be found. Diverse thinking inspires us and leads to intersectionality, learning and growth.


We believe in being brave to speak up when needed, taking accountability and bringing to light the stories that have been erased and rewritten. We’re having the difficult conversations and redressing the balance for our artists and audiences alike.


We’re helping emerging and mid-career artists to find their voice and fulfil their ambitions, through building networks and sharing resources and learning. Our Developing Artists Network is our superpower that, for 15 years, has driven and supported artists with compassion, care and kindness.


We believe that stories have the power to transform our lives with empathy and understanding. We engage in the imagination and spirit of our audiences and believe that by empowering our artists we will cultivate a vital and more dynamic sector.

Our History

Three decades of experience give us the depth, strength and confidence to pursue ambitious dreams. 


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Our Team

The people at Tamasha share the vision and values of our community. A team who are passionate about championing a new generation of artists from the Global Majority and bringing powerful stories to people across the UK.


Meet our team

Anti Racism Touring Rider

We have adopted the Anti Racism Rider as an important statement of intent and will work with colleagues from across the industry to implement this. As a working company, we have made a commitment over the next two years to meet the baseline actions of the rider.

Anti Racism Touring Rider

Anti Racism Touring Rider Large Print

Anti-Racism Touring Rider Checklist