What is Tamasha?

Tamasha is a theatre company founded in 1989 and funded by Arts Council England. We foreground emerging and established artists from Global Majority backgrounds. We fuel the future of new writing by producing and touring the best new plays, that challenge and change audiences everywhere. We nurture, train and inspire artists, leaders and young people through Tamasha Developing Artists. We enable theatre makers to engage creatively with communities and audiences, altering the perception of what theatre can be.

Successes like EAST IS EAST, SNOOKEREDBLOOD, MY NAME IS…, MADE IN INDIA, DOES MY BOMB LOOK BIG IN THIS?, I WANNA BE YOURS, 10 NIGHTS, HAKAWATIS and STARS have won acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

Where is your venue?

Tamasha’s office base is 26 Crowndale Road, in Camden, London. We do not operate our own venue but instead partner with venues around the country to present our work. You might see our plays at The Globe, Soho Theatre, the Kiln Theatre or the Bush Theatre in London; or at Royal Exchange Theatre, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Live Theatre Newcastle, or Octagon Theatre Bolton to name just a few.

How can I see a Tamasha show?

You can receive updates from us for advance news about our shows and other activities. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How do I ‘join’ Tamasha as an artist?

We employ artists like actors, playwrights, directors and designers on a project-by-project freelance basis. See below for some examples of the different ways you can come to our attention. There is sometimes a misunderstanding that Tamasha has a regular repertory company or other pool of artists from which we draw, like an acting company. This is not the case. Most casting, for example, goes through Spotlight, acting agents and casting directors like any other theatre company. If you want to make sure your agent receives our casting calls please ask them to email admin@tamasha.org.uk.

How do I join your youth theatre?

Tamasha regularly runs workshops and sometimes extended residency projects in schools and colleges, but we do not have our own youth theatre. If you would like to book a workshop for your school, please get in touch: admin@tamasha.org.uk.


How do I audition for a Tamasha show?

Casting for Tamasha’s main touring productions is always done in partnership with the show’s director and a freelance casting director. Sometimes a co-producing theatre, often a regional venue, will be involved too. Tamasha’s producing team oversee the casting process for Tamasha. Please note that our artistic director does not usually get involved in casting, so please don’t email her directly. Casting calls are sent to agents and are not usually an open call. Those which are will be advertised via our social media channels and through our newsletters. Auditions are held and our shows cast several months before the start of rehearsals. If your agent does not already receive Tamasha’s casting calls please ask them to contact us to sign up to receive them. If you do not have representation please see below for other ways to work with Tamasha.

Does Tamasha hold open auditions?

Occasionally, and we have an ambition to do more. To hear about these opportunities please sign up to receive our newsletter.

I want to invite Tamasha to a show I’m in / graduation showcase.

Great. Please send an invite to admin@tamasha.org.uk and we will try to send someone along. Please note that we are not a large team and so attendance is subject to availability.

Do you offer work experience for young actors on your shows or in your office?

Not generally. Rehearsals, especially of new work, can be sensitive processes and not all directors welcome observers (though do ask us, you never know). If you’re after office experience we can sometimes arrange a few days’ work experience for college or University students, but there are bigger, building-based theatres in London which might be more suited, with more year-round activity. We regret that we unless your request is part of a course of full-time study, Arts Council guidelines prevent us from taking on unpaid interns or volunteers.


Do you read or offer advice on unsolicited plays?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to read and respond to unsolicited scripts, due to company capacity. We will be holding an open submissions window in Spring 2024, so keep an eye on our socials and newsletter for further info on that. However, any scripts sent before then won’t be read by the team – sorry, folks. 

Please note that as a Global Majority- led company committed to championing diverse voices, we prioritise artists of colour and their work.

If you’d like to invite us for a show, please see above on how to do that.

What training / workshops does Tamasha offer?

We regularly run professional development workshops and are in the midst of planning a regional development program for Global Majority Dramaturgs. Updates on any of our development programs (and how to get involved) will be updated on our website and on our social media pages.


How do I get considered for Assistant Director on a Tamasha production?

We try to create an Assistant Director opportunity on each national tour, though this is subject to funding and/or our co-producers being in agreement. There is usually an open call for these positions via the mailing list. As a national touring company we are particularly interested in hearing from directors from beyond London.

I am casting for a specific show / looking for an actor – can Tamasha help?

We get asked this a lot and as a small team it is difficult to divert time from our core projects to assist with specific casting queries. By all means drop us a line and we will help if we can, but we do not hold lists of actors to which we can easily forward these opportunities on, and coming up with a bespoke list for your production takes time and therefore resources. If it is an open call, please put it online and tweet us the link, we can re-tweet if it seems appropriate. Please note that all the opportunities we share need to be paid at industry standard rates.

I’m a director looking for a writer

Great, we have a large list of playwrights from a wide variety of backgrounds who have had some kind of training with us whose services we can recommend. Please get in touch with more details of what you are looking for and we will try to recommend someone, we can also send script samples to help you decide. Please note that all our writers are early career professionals who will need a fee.


How do I work with Tamasha as a producer?

We do run occasional producing workshops and masterclasses throughout the year. If you would like to send us your CV for general opportunities please do, but be aware that we don’t usually need freelance producers on most of our projects.

What vacancies are currently at Tamasha?

Please check the Vacancies page.

Designers / LX / Sound / Music

How do I work with Tamasha as a designer / LX / Sound / Musician / Technician?

All these roles on our national tours will be appointed on a project specific basis and usually in collaboration with our co-producers and the show’s director. To send us your CV for consideration please email admin@tamasha.org.uk Please bear in mind that we are small and do not require large amounts of these roles in any given year. We sometimes try out artists new to us on scratch nights.

What other training / opportunities does Tamasha offer?

Please check the Workshops page for what we are currently running.