by Mojisola Adebayo

Mojisola Adebayo in partnership with Tamasha and ICA

A transformative space odyssey

STARS tells the story of an old lady who goes into outer space… in search of her own orgasm. Isn’t that where all the orgasms go?

Mrs’ quest is sparked by 3 encounters: a young neighbour who discloses a secret, an old friend who reveals she is intersex and a would be lesbian lover in a launderette who offers Mrs two drops of her own pressed lavender and a smile that says ‘I handle delicates with care’.

Told through one woman and a live DJ, with projected animation, STARS will be a moving and sensitive, funny and transformative space odyssey that transforms into a club experience, and made aesthetically accessible for all

Currently in development and about to undergo a pre-production phase.

Age Guidance: 14+

General content warnings/ guidance: the show contains descriptions of a sexual and sensitive nature


Mrs (and all roles except DJ/Michael Manners) Martina Laird

Michael Manners/DJ Debo Adebayo

Creative and Production Team

Writer/Co-Producer Mojisola Adebayo

Director Matthew Xia

Lighting Designer Nao Nagai

Animation Artist Candice Purwin

Sound & Music Design / Co-Producer Debo Adebayo

Creative Captioner Stephen Lloyd

Production Manager Zara Janmohamed

Stage Manager Alison Pottinger

Publicity Design Candice Purwin

Community Consultants

Intersex Community Consultant Valentino Vecchietti
D/deaf Creative Access Consultant Stephen Collins

D/deaf Community Consultant Yvonne Beckford

Community Arts Outreach Worker Sue Mayo

FGM Consultancy FORWARD

Arts Access Workers

Conrad Kira
Gurpreet Singh

BSL Interpreters

Jacqui Beckford
Rachel Jones

Emerging Artist Mentees

Ashlee Roberts
Awa Jagne
Dominique Sotuminu
Tallulah Frendo