Posted: 11 January 2021

Trax that inspire them: Dannielle Sadiq

Dannielle Sadiq is an emerging creative producer who has produced theatre projects such as the HEAR ME NOW theatre festival at Theatre503, as well as the upcoming HEAR ME NOW Podcast.

As a writer, Dannielle has written for organisations such as Tearfund, Kingston University and The Metro. More recently, Dannielle has been commissioned by Rikki Beadle Blair and Titilola Dawudu for their monologue book projects, LIT and HEAR ME NOW.

When Dannielle’s not writing novels, plays or producing global theatre projects, you can find her stuck in a piece of modern literature, getting ready to discuss her findings for her online book club series, ‘Dannie’s Reading Corner’.

Discover what Trax keep Dannielle inspired…


Meu Lugar – Arlindo Cruz

Meu Lugar/My ‘birth’ place comes from one of my favourite Brasilian artists, Arlindo Cruz, who has always provided me, and I’m sure many others with music that transcends both language and lands. Whenever I feel unmotivated, a little anxious or even too judgmental or harsh about my creative works, this song soothes me back to where I should be, when finding my place in this world and creative industry. Even if you don’t speak Brasilian Portuguese or understand the rolling of one’s bilingual tongue, this song will allow you to feel at peace and home, as you take a stride in whatever is to come next.

Epiphany – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (featured in Original Motion Picture Movie, SOUL)

With no lyrics or singers, when listening to Epiphany, you’re simply left with the notion of chords, sounds and beats that beautifully merge together. I remember hearing this track when watching Disney’s motion picture film, Soul and since then, whenever I need a reminder of who I am or what I bring to the table (to the world even), I play it. This song continues to remind me of the beauty of ‘just’ existing. Epiphany shows me how existing is a collection of the small moments that we collect throughout life and how we (I) must learn to cherish the good, the bad and the mundane of living.  As an individual within the creative arts industry, it can become easy to forget that you are not just what you create, so this song is an almost essential radical act of defiance against the consumeristic lifestyle we sometimes find ourselves stuck in. There is still life in the bad, the mundane and certainly the good, so let’s embrace it all.

Breathe – In the Heights ‘Original Broadway Company’

If you know me or have ever worked with me, you’ll know that I live and breathe all things musical theatre (my heart and head are constantly living in the realms of ‘In the Heights and Hamilton’). But, what fascinates me most about not only this track but musical theatre soundtracks, in general, is how, each note turns into fantasy, each high pitched squeal turns into joy and every heartfelt symphony turns into a tale of triumph and this track is no different. Breathe is a mixture of Spanish and English, simply ushering those who listen in to, just breathe (more precisely, Mira Respira). This track has taken me apart, put me back together and carried me through many stressful scenarios and situations, constantly reminding me to breathe, knowing that no matter what, I’ll get through the task ahead.

Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root

For me, this song is just a fun and youthful way to wake me up (literally from bed but also from bad thoughts). From the opening beat, my foot is way ahead of me, dancing, jumping as I eventually sing along to this classic gem. Although the song may have a completely different meaning, to me, this is the kind of track I play when I’m making an entrance to something that I hold in high regard, meaning that; if I’m beginning to write something new, if I’m producing a new project or I’m re-learning a new language, SEND ME ON MY WAY!

Brown Skin Girl – Beyoncé

Well, I hardly think this song needs any introduction but for those who are yet to listen to this gem will hopefully soon listen and be left feeling empowered enough to take on the world! I love listening to this song while I work creatively. In the creative arts sector, particularly within my sectors of creative producing and creative writing, it can sometimes feel like your voice is lost, that your story has been heard before (so it is no longer needed) or that, there’s just no room for your tale, but when I put on this song, I’m reminded of my power, my strength and my stories as a young black woman. When Co-producing the HEAR ME NOW festival with Titilola Dawudu alongside collaboration projects with Tamasha, I lived on a staple diet of songs like this that showcased strong black and brown artists!

Who You Say I Am – Hillsong

From the ‘There Is More Album’, Hillsong use messages of inspiration, individuality and faith to uplift people who are on a quest to delve into their spirituality or faith. As I am someone who continuously tries to connect with my spirituality and my Christian faith, this song has and continues to give me positive affirmations as I try to find myself. The lyrics not only allow me to push myself more but allow me to know that I am capable of doing anything and achieving anything whilst understanding that I am ultimately more than my gift or craft. During hard creative times or hard times in general, this song always manages to bring me back to life while assuring me that good times will eventually come.

Thank u, next – Vitamin String Quartet

For me, it’s the string quartet. Funnily enough, as a creative writer, I find that there aren’t enough words to express all of my thoughts but as an introvert, I often find that there far too many words that are spoken. This rendition of ‘Thank u, next’ has provided me with a healthy appetite of instrumentals and string quartets! Not only does this song excite me as it covers a well-known popular hip hop song but it inspires me as I listen. The saying ‘music to my ears’ doesn’t even begin to capture how beautiful this cover is, but sometimes words simply aren’t good enough and in this case, I’m fine with that!

The Good & The Bad – Anthony Ramos

In this song, Anthony Ramos shows all of his true colours. In the lyrics, you’ll see how he takes listeners through the monumental periods in his life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes it’s so easy to look at someone else’s path or journey and feel inadequate to where you are in life. But when we realise that the collection of good and bad memories, situations or feelings that we collect, will eventually work in our favour as it moulds us into who we ought to be. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go through traumatic experiences to write or create like artists such as Anthony Ramos, but this song reminds me that we must learn how to take everything in our stride, while we hang on.

Road Less Travelled – Fatai

This song is a constant reminder that my path may not always look the same as my peers but that’s more than okay. In a world full of self-comparisons, anxious thoughts and a sense of hopelessness, this song just encourages me to follow the path that I’m on but also enjoy it! My favourite lyrics in this song are, ‘I’m on the road less travelled with no room in my suitcase. Only space for wandering shoes’ and I think even with the uncertainty that will always lie ahead, It encourages me to walk, no, run towards the future whilst allowing myself to be wondrous in the ways I create the life I truly want to live.

Consider Me – Allen Stone

To me, this song has become a wonderful love song to myself. As Allen Stone’s lyrics plead with a potential romantic partner to consider them in all things, I extrapolate and explore the themes of ‘Am I good enough to be loved or to be considered’ and allow the inner depths of me to respond, yes I am. This fine-tune allows me to walk through the wavering fields of doubt with triumph, confidence and self-love as I continue to choose myself, to love myself and consider all the possibilities that may come my way.

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