October 2023

Duppy Hunter: A Locals Guide to St Pauls, Bristol

Ends & Tales presents  

Produced by Tamasha in partnership with Trinity Community Arts. In association with Coney.

Some people call dem duppy.  

Dem is the half of we spirit that stay on earth.  

The other half gone to the ancestors.  

Most is good, some is pure trouble.  

Some well, they just like mischief. 

A duppy has gone loose in St Pauls and leading duppy hunter, Josie (played by Nadia WilliamsI’m Not Running, Broadchurch) needs your help tracking it down. You will be Josie’s eyes and ears, helping her to solve the riddles the duppy leaves on its trail. Zipping past Stapleton Road, cutting through Pennywell Road, crossing the Danny, before heading onto to St Pauls, every location holds a personal resonance for Josie – conjuring up nostalgia and a Bristol of yore. As you travel through St Pauls, you may begin to wonder if this duppy is hiding something. One thing is for sure – you need to find it and fast. 

Bubbling with magical realism, Duppy Hunter: A Local’s Guide to St Pauls, Bristol, is the third instalment from ENDS & TALES by Tamasha and Coney – a series of immersive smart phone adventures on foot, inspired by the untold stories and histories around us.   

This latest adventure is by writer and academic, Dr Edson Burton (Armour of Immanuel, The Chosen One, Deacon), inspired by interviews with the local people of Bristol and their memories. Directed by Hanna Adu-Boateng, Duppy Hunter will feature music by Composer Courtney Beckford, with Sound Design by Jake Gaule. Produced by Tamasha’s Digital Lead, Tuyet Van Huynh (BARBERSHOP CHRONICLES 360° NATIONAL THEATRE 2017) with support from Community Producer for Trinity Community Arts, Stefan Boakye (Outlier (2022), Around the World in BS5, (2023)). 

A special thank you from Dr Edson Burton
I would like to thank the late June Young a wonderful artist and mother, and the writer, journalist, broadcaster Ferdinand Dennis co-founder of Bristol Black Writers Group 

About the adventure

The ENDS & TALES adventure begins at the Trinity Centre (BS2 0NW). Participants will be navigated through and around St Pauls in Bristol, on a journey that lasts 50-90 minutes (depending on how much you want to explore!).

This adventure is best experienced with a friend, a fully charged phone, at least 1GB of data and a pair of headphones. Please remember that you’ll be outdoors – so be sure to check the weather before you start, as we all know what the British weather is like. Have a read of the full adventurer instructions.

This ENDS & TALES adventure is open and available to everyone. For any questions on access please consult our access rider, found here – this information primarily covers mobility access requirements. If you have questions or concerns regarding access, please contact info@trinitybristol.org.uk / 0117 9351200. For any questions or issues regarding tech, please contact admin@coneyhq.org 

Age limit: 14+

ENDS & TALES is a Tamasha and Coney joint project. Bubbling with magical realism, ENDS & TALES is a series of immersive smart phone adventures on foot, inspired by the untold stories and histories around us. 

Past adventures: We Are Shadows: A Local’s Guide to Brick Lane and 10 Thousand Heartbeats: A Local’s Guide to Liverpool Chinatown 一 異國 · 龍鄉: 一部利物浦中國城的指引 

About Trinity Community Arts

Our mission is to empower communities through arts and make sure everyone has the opportunity to access and shape arts and culture in Bristol.



Trinity Centre

Trinity Rd, St Jude's, Bristol BS2 0NW

03 Oct — 29 Oct

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Creative Team

Writer Edson Burton

Director Hanna Adu-Boateng

Composer Courtney Beckford

Sound Design Jake Gaule

Twine Programmers Suzanna and Catherine Hurst

Choir congregation Corey Rumble, Jake GauleSholmiat Sarfaraz, Stefan Boakye. With Direction by Jake Gaule



Josie, Stella




Leroy, Iqbal, Father P, Harry, Hadrian, Young Speaker, Rag & Bone Man


Duppy, Malcolm X, Pastor


Ms Stevens, Sex Worker, St Agnes