A story told three times and still unfinished

By Mel Pennant

Tamasha and The National Archives present 

“The story that goes so deep and wide that stretches whole continents and whole generations backwards and forwards. It’s about us all.” 

When aspiring 30-something playwright, Teanna Wright, is finally commissioned to write her first play, life couldn’t be sweeter. Her brief? Windrush 75. Despite the apprehensions of older sis, Glory, Teanna decides she wants to tell the story of her Aunty Delores, one of the first-generation nurses who came over in the 1940s.  

Unable to find anything on Delores in the archives, and against the advice of big sis, Teanna decides to ask her mum. But will she get the answers she needs, or will she get more than she bargained for? 

A story told three times and still unfinished is a one-off audio drama, exploring the hidden stories from the Windrush generation and the associated trauma of sharing such stories. 

From the team behind Loyalty and Dissent, Once British Always British and A Stranger in a Strange Place, comes another story, brought shockingly to life by playwright, screenwriter and novelist, Mel Pennant, directed by Anastasia Osei-Kuffour. With a heartfelt thank you to the following Caribbean communities of London and Bristol for their stories and testimonies that helped inform the development of this audio play: 

The Black & Gifted Network 

The New Testament Church of God, Herne Hill (NTCG) 

The Young at Heart Group

Croydon BME Forum 

Trinity Community Arts Bristol 

St Pauls Learning & Family Centre, Bristol 


Sensitivity warning: please note this audio play contains references and a brief description of abuse. At times it may also include brief moments of loud noise.

Image courtesy Mel Pennant 

Creative Team

Writer Mel Pennant

Director Anastasia Osei-Kuffour

Sound Designer Louis Blatherwick


Madeline Appiah


Nina Toussaint - White


Ricky Fearon

Man in Field, Derek Bamuta, Preacher, Uncle Dudley, Uncle Norman

Susan Lawson-Reynolds

Ernestine, Great Aunty Delores, Waitress