December 1989 — January 1990


adapted by Sudha Bhuchar, directed by Kristin Landon-Smith

“If Untouchable is the fruit of their first efforts, Tamasha seems set to lead the way in the ensuing decade.”

Times of India

Set in 1930s India, at a time of tremendous political upheaval, Tamasha’s debut hit hard at the treatment of India’s lowest classes. Taking a day in the life of Bakha, a 17-year-old latrine cleaner, it laid bare his daily struggle for survival amid the hypocrisies of the high caste Hindus.

Adapted from the novel by Mulk Raj Anand. UNTOUCHABLE opened at Riverside Studios on 4 December 1989, playing alternate nights in English and Hindi.


Translation Sudha Bhuchar

Director Kristine Landon-Smith

Designer Sue Mayes

Lighting Designer Richard Moffatt

Musical Director / Musician / Composer Baluji Shrivastav

Original Cast

Ravi Aujla

Sudha Bhuchar

Ajay Chhabra

Charubala Chokshi


Neeru Harrison

Kaleem Janjua

Ronny Jhutti

Rashid Karapiet

Bhavesh Lodhia

Dinesh Shukla