October 2008 — November 2008

Sweet Cider

by Em Hussain

A community is in crisis. Two Pakistani girls have run from their families: one is hunted, the other forgotten.

Their bid for freedom has led them to an Asian women’s refuge in a nearby northern town. But with dialogue between the generations impossible, the girls soon ask themselves how sweet freedom really is.

A poignant story of fractured family ties, SWEET CIDER was the debut play by Em Hussain.

Supported by The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and The Leche Trust.


Director Kristine Landon-Smith

Designer Sue Mayes

Lighting Design Natasha Chivers

Sound Design Mike Furness

Dramaturg Philip Osment


Shammi Aulakh

Sudha Bhuchar

Taru Devani

Hamza Jeetooa

Tom Morrison

Aria Prasad

Sagar Radia

Rehan Sheikh

Rajneet Sidhu

Stephanie Street

"Tamasha means commotion or creating a stir, and Sweet Cider does just that. The fact that this is author Emteaz Hussain’s dramatic debut is even more stirring as it displays remarkable maturity and lyrical grace."

  • What's On Stage

"Stephanie Street is revelatory as a young girl burdened by the false promise of freedom. Her eventual breakdown provides a shocking end to an assured debut."

  • Time Out