Out Of The Woods: New plays from the Balkans

Fresh, funny and provocative audio dramas by a new generation of Balkan writers

A Miran Hadžić production supported by Tamasha and Intent New Theatre

From a history of turbulence and civil war, the Balkans is a region waking up to the opportunities of independence, with youthful and creative populations creating a vibrant present.

Travel restrictions have limited the possibilities for citizens in the region to live and work in the rest of Europe. But art and cultural festivals are flourishing and Balkan writers have tales to tell about the past, present and future.

OUT OF THE WOODS is the latest development, riding the wave of the podcast revolution to bring Balkan stories to a wider audience, online. These fresh, funny and provocative new audio dramas showcase a new generation of writers from a region carving out its own identity, and eager to tell its own stories.

Series one is inspired by Kosovo, the newest state in Europe.

Fifth Dimension by Miran Hadžić

Tom is a one-time popular musician who is now making radio jingles for a living. He wants to join his German wife and daughter, who have left the UK after it has become a hostile environment for non-English people. But when Tom is commissioned by the government to write a new national anthem, he becomes trapped between two worlds and has to find a way out… 

Writer Miran Hadžić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina but was raised in London. He visited Kosovo to work with acclaimed composer Trimor Dhomi on this 45-minute dark satire on a dystopian UK.

Where is Mr President? by Agnesa Mehanolli 

When the President of Kosovo fails to appear at a large Independence Day rally, his senior officials go into overdrive to try to locate him. As time ticks on, a power vacuum emerges which neither the Prime Minister nor Head of Parliament are prepared to fill. Instead, to prevent widespread unrest, they appoint the most unlikely of candidates… A hilarious new satire from Pristina-based new writer Agnesa Mehanolli.

Nude by Ulpianë Maloku

A proud middle-aged mother takes her best friend to a landmark exhibition by her artist son Guri, whose painting career is starting to take off. Kosovo’s latest art sensation specialises in contemporary nudes, but neither woman is prepared for what they find when they finally see Guri’s paintings for themselves… A quirky comedy from Pristina-based writer Ulpianë Maloku.

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Funded by Arts Council England

Fifth Dimension

Writer Miran Hadžić  @HadzicMiran

Songs and music composed and performed by Trimor Dhomi

Sound design Farokh Soltani

Director Mingyu Lin

Cast Nimshi Kongolo, Daniel York Loh, Sara Houghton, Susie Hingley, Comfort Fabian, Halema Hussain

Where is Mr President?

Writer Agnesa Mehanolli

Music and sound design Farokh Soltani

Director Mingyu Lin

Cast Edita Sllamniku, Nikolaos Brahimllari, Eri Shuka, Timotei Cobeanu


Writer Ulpianë Maloku

Music and sound design Farokh Soltani

Director Mingyu Lin

Cast Edita Sllamniku, Nikolaos Brahimllari, Eri Shuka, Timotei Cobeanu