Tamasha Scratch – The Playwrights 2021

In the words of Etta James, at last! After a year’s absence, we’re excited to bring you the TAMASHA PLAYWRIGHTS SCRATCH from the class of 2019/20. 

Quite possibly the most anticipated scratch of the year (well, we like to think so). Seven fantastic new short plays by seven incredible and exciting new writers…

HOMETIME by Roberta Livingston

After the death of their mother, Yasmin surprises her half-sister Olive on Zoom. Although there are hundreds of miles between them, Yasmin hopes to reconnect with her sister after a decade. But Olive is not too thrilled with Yasmin’s reappearance, as she was the sister left to pick up the pieces of their dark childhood.

SATURN RETURN by Cheryl Ndione

Aspiring children’s animator Vida has finally moved out of home and is ready to show everyone who ever doubted her what she’s made of. People at work, her mum, intrusive aunties, toxic exes – they’ll all be wowed by her greatness, if only she could get out of her own way… Saturn Return is an ode to adulting and subconscious self-sabotage.

FOR THE CULTURE by Safaa Benson-Effiom

Lola has planned an exciting evening to celebrate the return of her BFF Tiwa, who is back home after a year working abroad. Much has changed for Lola in that year, most notably that she has a boyfriend now – the loving, endlessly supportive George. Showing up midway through their mammoth catch up, George meets Tiwa. Though as he very quickly remembers, not for the first time…

Now there’s a reckoning to be had. And Lola has to decide where her loyalties lie.

YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT by Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi

On a mysterious TV gameshow set, three characters meet. As they attempt to follow the increasingly surreal orders of a sinister offstage presence, it becomes clear that this is more than just a game. Tensions rise as they start to compete for the ultimate prize – their future in the UK.

KNOT by Tutku Barbaros

After years of unexplained silence, Ibby’s first love Sev returns to explain herself – what better time to do so than his wedding day? Dragged out of sight to the honeymoon suite and confronted with a man different to the one she met queuing for a club years before, Sev has some truths to get off her chest. Sev reminds Ibby of the life he used to know and the life he could perhaps still lead… Knot is a play about sacrifice, secrets and flying sparks.


In a future where medical science has eliminated ageing, Sazeen, Arjun and Iona struggle to find meaning amid a life of endless leisure. But with a population which doesn’t have to die except by choice, the trade-off is strict government quotas on new babies, and on physical intimacy. When Iona’s maternal longing becomes too much, she turns to her best friend and illegal ‘intimacy worker’ Sazeen, to seduce Arjun as a means of getting to his powerful politician father to skip the queue. A dark dystopian fantasy about where advances in biomedical technology might be leading us.


In an isolated log cabin in the English countryside, three generations of a South African family escape from the modern world. But as the generational tragedy which lurks among them threatens to repeat itself once more, ghosts from the past haunt their country retreat. A lyrical meditation on family, migration and building new lives in a foreign land.

We are grateful to The Garfield Weston Foundation and The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation for supporting Tamasha to deliver our Tamasha Playwrights programme.



01 Sep — 30 Sep

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Writer: Roberta Livingston

Director: Abigail Sewell

Cast: Jayne Aguire, Yasmin Al-Khudhairi

Saturn Return

Writer: Cheryl Ndione

Director: Abigail Sewell

Cast: Ann Akin, Adeyinka Akinrinade, Nicole Adeyemi, Nicola May-Taylor

For The Culture

Writer: Safaa Benson-Effiom

Director: Justina Kehinde

Cast: Nicole Adeyemi, Adeyinka Akinrinade, Chris Clynes

Your Vote Will Not Count

Writer: Jasmin Mandi-Ghomi

Director: Sepy Baghaei

Cast: Jalleh Alizadeh, Sara Mokonen, Laurent Zhubi


Writer: Tutku Barbaros

Director: Sepy Baghaei

Cast: Nalan Burgess, Conor Tahir

The Immortal Coil

Writer: Shaan Sahota

Director: Sepy Baghaei

Cast: Subika Anwar-Khan, Shireen Farkhoy, Sid Sagar

The Clock Wins (Sweet Tamarind)

Writer: Sabrina Richmond

Director: Justina Kehinde

Cast: Naana Agyei-Ampadu, Alex Akindeji, Geoff Aymer, Josephine Samson, Stephanie Stevens