09th Dec 2020

More Noise, More EQ

with Xana

Right now, sound has become a bigger pressure and presence in our lives. Music is so instrumental in how we heal and connect our messages to people.

In this workshop, you will be working with Xana to curate a soundtrack that represents a moment or part of your life in this time. You’ll also look deeper into how music/sound plays it’s part in storytelling.

How can this support me as an artist?

Whether you are a sound maker or someone looking to explore using sound in your projects, this workshop will give you a selection of tools on exploring music in your practice. You won’t need technical knowledge prior to attending just a a strong desire to be noisy. This workshop will also give you insight in ways that you can communicate your ideas to the people working in sound on your projects.

Please consider these questions for the workshop:

  • How is sound informing your practice?
  • What interests you the most about sound?
  • What kind of things would you like to explore?

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Anyone who is looking for an outlet of expression
  • People who are interested in sound and musical composition
  • Ages 12+

This opportunity is open to all ages and locations within the UK, but positively aimed at those who identify as Black, Asian, MENA, Latinx and all Minority Ethnic heritage.

Application process:

No formal qualifications are necessary to apply, however applicants must demonstrate an interest in sound making, making noise, writing soundscapes, openness to actively listening to the world around you.

Applications should include:

  1. A short (max 200 words) statement of interest including your particular interest in this masterclass. This can be as basic or as creative as you wish it to be, as long as it tells us a little bit about you as an artist.
  2. A completed Data Form

Workshop fee: Pay What You Decide (please note that donations do not guarantee a place in the workshop).


Please email our Assistant Producer Samia@tamasha.org.uk with the above information to apply. Please note, the application window will close at 5pm on Friday 4 December.


The workshop will take place on Wednesday 9 December from 10am until 12.30pm on Zoom.


Xana is a sound designer/artist, live loop musician, composer, performer, theatre maker and poet whose works intersect with theatre, film, live performance and tech. Xana’s creative work focuses on archives and embodying our future narratives and memories through sci-fi, magical realism and blending their genres orchestral noise/thick bass.

Xana is one of the Associate Artists at Ovalhouse Theatre with their debut show Swallowing Your Idols, co-organiser of Afrotech Fest, publishes the children’s comic Afronaut Squad and was a 2020 Offie-finalist for Best Sound Design.

Theatre credits: Chicken Burger and Chips (Brockley Jack Theatre), The Body Remembers (Fuel Theatre); Ivan and the Dogs, Fairview (Young Vic);  Strange Fruit (Bush Theatre); Grey, Just Another Day and Night (Ovalhouse); Nightclubbing (Tour); Pink Lemonade (Gate Theatre); Mapping Brent Festival, Blood Knot (Orange Tree Theatre); SEX SEX MEN MEN (Pecs Drag Kings/Yard Theatre); Noughts and Crosses (Pilot/Derby Theatre); Burgerz (Hackney Showroom); Obama and Me (Talawa); Black Holes (The Place); Hive City Legacy (Roundhouse); seeds, Half-breed (Soho Theatre) Primetime (Royal Court Theatre).

Writer/Actor credits: Swallowing Your Idols (Ovalhouse); Asian Pirate Musical (Vaults)