Bitesize Playwrighting

Bitesize Playwrighting is an initiative that was a response to the closure of schools during the first wave of the pandemic, in Spring 2020. Tamasha is in touch with a lot of Drama teachers. Monitoring social media, it was clear that Drama was one of the worst affected subjects by the transition to home-working and online learning, which swept the world at this time. So it was an initiative intended to support secondary school Drama teachers continue to teach their subject during the lockdown.

In our series of short videos below, each no longer than five minutes, our artistic director, playwright Fin Kennedy, and members of the Tamasha Playwrights 2019/20 group guided students through the playwrighting process step-by-step. Each clip introduces a different element of drama, from creating believable Characters, to the Inciting Incident which brings them together, to writing realistic Dialogue, considering the scene’s Location, and structuring a simple Plot. Each video is constructed around a practical exercise for students to complete, all intended to build up everything they need to write their own five-minute scene for two Characters.

The videos below are numbered and arranged in order as a Scheme of Work for students to complete, with flexibility for teachers to use them in whatever way is most helpful, across days, weeks, or even a whole term. The videos are also accompanied by a suite of downloadable written playwrighting resources, including worksheets for students to complete offline.

All the Bitesize Playwrighting films are free, thanks to generous support from the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Garfield Weston Foundations, and will remain online permanently for teachers to use in years to come and for all students to access and learn how to write their own 5-minute script.


A digital winners’ book with Methuen Drama

As an added incentive, we included a competition for participants to send us their plays. This eBook with our 10 favourites, generously supported by Methuen Drama, is the result.

Read the winning plays!


We’re really pleased that Methuen Drama sponsored our Bitesize Playwrighting competition and produced the digital winners’ book. The publishing home of a huge range of play editions, critical texts and teacher development books, as well as the digital library Drama Online, we couldn’t think of anyone better to sponsor us. Have a browse on their website here.

We are grateful to The London Community Response Fund (City Bridge Trust) for supporting Tamasha to deliver our digital programme and professional development programme for London-based artists during this time.

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We are also grateful to Garfield Weston Foundation and to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.